Where to Buy Plants in Calgary

A plant-lover? Are you looking for a comprehensive range of plants in Calgary? We feel you.

Undoubtedly, finding the best plants that are as per your requirements is a task. But not anymore. In this article, we will explore the best places to buy plants in Calgary. Of course, you can contact Flower Chix for any of your plant needs and we can point you in the right direction but these are additional places worth checking out.

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ALCLA Native Plants

As the name suggests, the ALCLA Native Plants nursery sells plants that are native to Alberta and are grown in Calgary. The best part about these plants is that they are most suitable for the temperatures and seasonal changes in Calgary. Therefore, homeowners can easily grow and nurture these plants in their gardens. 

  • Types of Plants

ALCLA Native Plants sells different kinds of native grasses, shrubs and even a wide range of wildflowers. 

Some of the native grasses that are available in this nursery are Bluegrass, Fringed Broke, Canada Wild Rye, Hairy Wild Rye, Sweet Grass, June Grass, Tufted Hair Grass, Green Needle Grass, Western Wheatgrass, Foothills Rough Fescue, Alpine Bluegrass, Little Bluestem, and Spike Trisetum. 

Native shrubs like Silver Sagebrush, Prairie Sage, Bearberry, Dwarf Birch, Twining Honeysuckle, Bunchberry, Wild Prickly Rose, Common Wild Rose, Pussy Willow, and White Meadowsweet are also available. 

The wildflower plants which are sold here include Shooting Star, Yellowstone Draba, Purple Coneflowers, Tufted Fleabane, Cut-Leaved A, Cylindrical Alumroot, Richardson’s Alumroot, Wild Hollyhock, and Blue Flag Iris.

Most of these plants are grown from seeds. The seeds are sourced locally in the nursery or from around Alberta. They are initially grown in planters or plug containers before being sold. 

  • Other Services

The ALCLA Native Plants nursery also provides different kinds of seed mixtures and plugs. If you wish to grow a plant from seeds, then these mixes can be convenient. 

Plantation Garden Centre

The Plantation Garden Centre has been selling plants and garden supplies in Calgary for the past eighteen years. With prompt customer service, the staff at Plantation Garden Centre is available to assist and help all potential customers, at all times. 

The plants available at this nursery are of great quality and are sturdy enough to withstand the Calgary climate. 

  • Types of Plants

In spring, the favorite plantation season, Plantation Garden Centre grows bright flowering plants that have an abundance of colors. Their amazing selection of sunny and shady locations allows plants to be grown in the best conditions. 

Hanging from baskets and planters, visitors and customers will find a wide range of flowering plants, shrubs, and bushes. The hardy prairie shrubs and evergreens are the most popular in the Plantation Garden Centre. The Plantation Garden Centre also sells succulent plugs and planters that have already been treated and finished and can be directly placed in home gardens. 

Calgary residents can also find vines like Goji Berries, Hops and Grapes to annual flowering vines like Passion Fruit and Black-Eyed Susan along with an extensive collection of Clematis. Fresh and organic vegetables and vegetable plants are also available here. 

In summer and through fall, Plantation Garden Centre sells beautiful and healthy annuals as well as perennials. Bulbs of Tulips, Daffodils, Alliums and flowering plants like Mums and Pansies are grown and sold. In October, you will find large, flavourful pumpkins as well. 

  • Other Services

Apart from plants and seeds, the Plantation Garden Centre sells organic soils and compost.  This will enable homeowners with gardens to have the best harvest possible. There are good quality pesticides and fertilizers available as well. The soils sold are usually treated and the plants are quite healthy, but these products can further enhance the growth of the plants. 

Greengate Garden Centre

The Greengate Garden Centre in Calgary sells very hardy and healthy plants. Their annuals and perennials are grown locally and can be easily incorporated in any garden around Calgary. These plants are in line with the Calgary climate suitable and can grow quite well. 

The greenhouses at the Greengate Garden Centre are filled with beautiful garden and house plants, each of which is carefully grown and nurtured. 

  • Types of Plants

The Greengate Garden Centre has a large range of plants. From annual plants, perennial plants, indoor plants, flowering plants, to tropical house plans, herbs, brush fruits, vegetables, and even pre-planting fruit-bearing trees, Calgary residents will find a host of options to choose from. There are also tree planting bulbs, forcing bulbs available, along with water plants, different kinds of deciduous trees, evergreen trees, shrubs, and roses. 

Greengate Garden Centre is famous for its bonsai plants. Possibly one of the only garden centers in Calgary to sell them, the bonsai are beautifully designed and are very healthy. They thrive in different weather conditions and are resistant to most diseases. 

Trees and shrubs like Apple, Crab-Apple, Birch, Elm, Maple, Pin Cherry, Chokecherry, Caragana, Bearberry, Banking Cherry, Spruce, Pine, Juniper, Larch, Rose, Willow, and the Virginia Creeper are all available at the Greengate Garden Centre.

  • Other Services

Gardening requires tools and homegrown gardens need to be treated carefully with nutrients for the plants to be healthy. At Greengate Garden Centre, customers will be able to buy garden supplies like watering tools, hand tools, and other gardening equipment. 

They also sell good quality seed for those who wish to grow all plants on their own. The soils and natural fertilizers available are great for most native plants.

The Next Steps

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