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Monique is the owner here at Flower Chix! Since buying the shop in June 2017, designing and selling flowers has become her passion! Monique began her career teaching high school followed by a career in Calgary’s oil and gas sector. During this time, she spent a great deal of time writing her first novel, The Day Before Tomorrow.  Monique lives in Calgary with her husband and three children. She began writing The Day Before Tomorrow in April 2009.  

The Chix

The rest of our Chix family – the Floral Designers and the Front of House Associates are here for you every step of the way! Whether Isha helps you with your heartfelt card message – or Barb sits with you while you decide on funeral flowers – or Lynn celebrates your engagement with a lovely tour of the cooler, we are here for you! With a combined total of 67 years experience, we know flowers!  We would be delighted to chat with you about them!