Plants & Orchids Calgary

We have a wide selection of lovely plants from tropicals to succulents, air plants, and potted orchids here in Calgary. Plants are fabulous for Mother’s Day, birthday, or thank you gifts. At Flower Chix, we carry beautiful potted phalaenopsis orchids, seasonal outdoor pots, tropical dish gardens, air plant terrariums, and more.

Plants & Orchids

Fresh flowers and growing plants make great gifts for nature lovers. At Flower Chix, we offer the best of home plants and the most beautiful flowers. You will find healthy, well-nourished tropicals, succulents among different kinds of houseplants as well as gorgeous orchids and other flowers.

We have phalaenopsis orchids in small pots that you can grow and nurture at home. We also have a wide range of tropical plants, air plant terrariums and many different kinds of seasonal potted plants that will add a touch of color and greenery to your home.

If you are a resident of Calgary, then you can easily purchase our plants and flowers for any special occasion like birthday, Mother’s Day or anniversary.
All plants in Flower Chix are locally grown. We nurture our plants so that they thrive in the Calgary climate and can withstand the changes in weather. You will find succulents like pencil cactus, polka dot succulent, and our spring succulent planters. These make lovely gifts for those who wish to grow plants but do not have too much time to invest in a garden.

We also sell large succulents in glass apothecary jars. For those who love foliage, we have Oxalis, stag fern, plumosa, bonsai, African violet, and our emerald garden basket. If you want to purchase flowering plants, then you can take a look at our anthurium, peace lily, and other potted plants. Other than these, our roses and orchids always remain a great favorite.

You can contact us for delivery services and we will deliver the freshest flowers and the best quality plants on time. At Flower Chix, we also create different floral gift baskets as per your preference. Sometimes, certain plants are unavailable but we try our best to provide you with exactly what you have ordered.

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