Flower Chix Wins Florist of the Year for our Wedding Flowers! Thank you Alberta South!

We are so pleased to announce Flower Chix wins for Florist of the Year, Alberta South! What an honor to be nominated for our wedding flowers! And to win the Florist of the Year award… well, suffice to say, we are blown away!

We Chix know weddings. We know what looks good together and what looks great together! We know what is in season and what is not. We know just how to pick the right combinations to complement your theme and color palette. And when your flowers arrive, we’ll baby them, coddle them, and if we feel any of your weddings flowers are not up to par, we will make it right. Our name depends on it!

Let’s cut no corners and do it right for another year, Calgary! And who knows, maybe we’ll win again! 😉

Check out the Flower Chix wedding flowers page.

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