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Flower Chix Owner Publishes Debut Novel!

Flower Chix Owner and Creative Director, Monique Britten, published first novel called, The Day Before Tomorrow in April of this year (2018).

The Day Before Tomorrow is a poignant & beautifully layered tale of an era once removed, yet not forgotten – from the early to late seventies – with much of the story taking place within the Morgan family’s domestic locus and the community in which they live. Relationships become so intricately woven, adult and adolescent lines become blurred and an illicit connection between teacher and student build into hidden, often disturbing scenes of love, secrets and human experience. 
When the Morgan’s future essentially falls down in mid-flight, the family is forced to cope with not only trauma, but coming of age and ultimately moving away from their safe haven of Rickshaw. An indictment of survival, shattered innocence, death, love and optimism, this tale is one that will transport your mind, speak to your heart and stay in both long after you have closed the cover.  Monique Britten lives in Calgary with her husband and three children. She began writing The Day Before Tomorrow in April 2009. This is her first novel.

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