Flower Chix offers a wide variety of locally sourced plants in Calgary. These plants are nurtured over a long period and grow to be very healthy. Every season, Flower Chix has some new flowering plants and foliage to offer and during Christmas, things get extra special. Flower Chix has a range of Grinch plant arrangements that will bring the festive spirit to your home. The Grinch trees are uniquely designed and the baskets are filled with beautiful, lush flowers and leaves. 

At Flower Chix you will find three different kinds of Grinch trees; the “Gottcha Grinch”, the “Feelin Grinchy” and the “Get Grinched”. The trees vary in size, between 18 to 24 inches and are decorated with fresh flowers and foliage as well as Christmas bells, bobbles and bows. These arrangements with their fun names, make lovely gifts at Christmastime. 
Filled with seasonal plants, the Grinch tree baskets are bound to bring joy to your loved ones. You can contact us for delivery services. We will have your Grinch tree ready and delivered in perfect condition, very quick. 

There is also a fun activity that Flower Chix offers during Christmas. You can create your Grinch tree and decorate your basket at our workshop. Our Grinch Tree Workshop is famous around Calgary and it is available for residents and tourists. The workshop is held throughout December from 6:30 to 8:00 P.M. 
We organize several sessions and can accommodate up to 10 people per session. You can join us and craft your Grinch tree. We will be there to help every step of the way. Once your Grinch tree and basket is done, you can take it home. We promise that it will be a memorable experience and you will have a great time with us. 

Check some of our amazing work at our Instagram Page.